Former College Football Player’s Conditioning Preview

football runnerA former college football player has left the game behind but not the regimen that came with it. He currently lives and trains in Miami with acting aspirations. He’s also been so kind to give My Miami Sports a preview on his football conditioning regimen.

The preview consist of a simple four laps around the football field. The catch is the Miami heat and humidity. Four laps, eight 100 meter sprints under the 90 degree South Florida sun is enough cardio for anyone.

The first lap consists of walking the corner and the edge of the end zones, jogging the left side of the field and sprinting full speed down the right side of the field.

His heart rate spiked from 110 BPM after warm-up to 160 BPM after the first lap sprint.

The rest of the laps involved full sprints on both sides of the football field.

It only got hotter. The football turf gave the football runner the feeling of his cleats melting.

Throughout the next three laps, his heart rate remained near 160 BPM after each lap. The runner’s heart reached its peak at 170 BPM after the third lap.

As the runner got more and more fatigued, his recovery time took longer after each lap. After the first lap, his heart rate went down from 160 BPM to 130 BPM in two minutes. After the second lap, it took three minutes to return to 130 BPM, same in the third lap, then five minutes to recover at 120 BPM after the final lap which didn’t have much energy to sustain maximum speed.

This former collegiate slot receiver is working his way back to football shape conditioning wise after a two year hiatus. Stay tuned for most posts.

First lap heart rate: 160 BPM

Runner’s average heart rate after each Lap: 160 BPM



Heart Rate after Lap 2: 170 BPM

Runner’s max Heart Rate: 170 BPM



Runner's final lap recovery heart rate: 120 BPM

Runner’s final lap recovery heart rate: 120 BPM



Marine Veteran Clinton Cimring’s Basic but Ideal Full-Body Workout

clintonClinton Cimring is the most interesting man in South Florida. He’s a native of South Africa, served in the U.S. Marines and received his education from both Florida Atlantic and Florida International University.

He has also engaged in many other interesting endeavors from modeling to fitness instructing to nutritional research. If you listen to him, you’ll know better than to consume soy.

This is a video demonstration for a basic but highly effective full-body workout that properly works both the upper-body and the lower-body. It is a workout that has served him and his clients well.




Exercise 1: Wall Sits

Exercise 2: Lunges

Exercise 3: Squats

Exercise 4: Dead Lift

Exercise 5: Lat Pulldown

Exercise 6: Pectoral Flies

Exercise 7: Handstand Pushups

Clinton started this workout with a strong heart rate at 60 BPM. As shown on the cardiograph below, he maintained a heart rate of 120 BPM throughout the workout.

Clinton's heart rate at 130 BPM

Clinton Cimring’s heart rate at 120 BPM

This workout mixed with cardio before or after will make every day at the gym a success. As shown here, Clinton decided to do a cardio burnout after his workout. His heart rate reached 180 BPM after the cardio burnout (which took longer than the video), which at his age, is close to the max.

Cardiograph of Clinton’s heart rate after his cardio burnout.

Clinton Warren's heart rate after cardio burn out at 170 BPM

Clinton Cimring’s heart rate after cardio burn out at 180 BPM


Clinton Cimring lives in Palm Beach County so if you need a personal trainer, he’s right here for you.


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